Recent Projects

A PHP/MySQL/JS Blogging Engine for non-https websites. Provides authenticity and integrity protection - but not confidentiality.
Illustrations Book
Using my page flipping library to create a digital book of my artwork.
A JavaScript library to simulate page flipping. Mobile-first, performance focused design.

Research In Motion / BlackBerry

BlackBerry Bridge
Front End Web + UX development. Battle-ready JavaScript. Six brand new apps from Scratch. Inventing new forms of device-to-device interaction.
BlackBerry Advanced Java UI
BlackBerry was missing some controls and components. I helped bring them to the community and evangelize at conferences. Screenshots
BlackBerry Groups
I helped pioneer one-to-many communication between groups of people on mobile devices.
BlackBerry Clock
Close collaboration between developers and designers lead to a beautiful product in a short timespan. This project was a lot of fun, with some of the first animated UI on BlackBerry.
Facebook for BlackBerry
I helped create the first version of Facebook for BlackBerry, before there was an AppStore.
Intellectual Property
You can see some of my many patents and applications via this Google Patent Search. Like it or not, patents are now a force in the software industry. Effectively contributing to an IP portfolio requires sustained innovation.


Technical Editor - Google Maps Applications
I was the Technical Reviewer for Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and AJAX (2006)

Early Code and Design

Projects that I did in 2005-2009 while developing my programming skills and learning about design in general.

HTML Vertical Bar Graphs
Using HTML and CSS to create vertical bar graphs. Example PHP to generate from data sources
Repeatable Backgrounds
Some repeatable background tiles and textures
HTML Table Sorter
Using javascript to sort HTML tables on the client side
MSN Messenger Skins
Complete themes for Microsoft's MSN Messenger program. Some used by hundreds of thousands of people.
HTML Resume Templates
Sample HTML Resume templates and ideas.

Early Websites

A collection of websites I created between 2005 and 2010.

2nd Generation Off Campus Housing Map (Using Google Maps)
1st Generation Student Housing website
GRT Bus Route Map
Interactive Transit Map for Kitchener Waterloo.
Xtron Imaging Website
A complete website for Xtron Imaging
Coldwell Banker, Hanover Ontario
Built and maintained a Real Estate website
Skyway Printing
Skyway Printing complete website
Cruise Miss Toronto
Website and Toronto Harbourfront Panorama using Google Maps