TFSA Contribution Limit Caculator

I made a little programming snack –
TFSA contribution limit calculator.

For those keeping track, this is not the finance related project I've been working on.

Winter 2014 Illustration - Crane

This is a large 30"x15" pencil crayon illustration that I'd planned to give as a christmas present but didn't quite finish in time.

The sky is filled with thousands of small dots that combine to make a detailed texture. Like many of my others, it is based on the work of Robert Bateman.


We've never been further in the future than we are today. Let that sink in for a moment.

Today many people will create things that didn't exist yesterday. Will you?


Started something new over the past couple days.

Working on the data collector now so that it can accumulate a few days worth of data while I work on the other parts.

What is it? It's finance related. I hope to share more soon.

tsorter - HTML Table Sorter

I published my table sorting script to github over the past couple of days. It's at terrilldent/tsorter. It's vanilla JS, there are no dependencies.

This was an interesting exercise. It was some of the oldest javascript code I still have in my possession, originally written in summer 2006. It's been updated to satisfy my more recent coding standards, but still functions the same way.

My plan is do some timing tests, and transition it to use a shadow DOM, or at least off-DOM sorting. Right now it's layout thrashing pretty hard.