I'm a software developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoy building elegant solutions to challenging problems.

A focus of my career has been web development. I've created projects spanning many waves of web technology, including: web based mobile apps, single-page websites and social networks, corporate websites, and continual pet projects

On mobile I have built social networking apps, multi-device UI & communication, UI toolkits and made significant contributions to intellectual property portfolios.

I developed my skills in a forward looking development role at BlackBerry, helping pioneer a culture of intrapreneurship and launching many successful products.

More recently I was engineer #1 at TrustPoint, a security and cryptography startup in Waterloo. I started and built up the engineering processes, launching a new type of Certificate Authority, and the BlackSeal authenticity service and app for physical goods. I also learned a great deal about modern public key cryptography, and real world experience building secure distributed systems from scratch.

I have a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and make use of it on a daily basis. I am fascinated with macro economics and what it teaches us about the world.

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Let's work together

If your interested in hiring a Mobile Application Developer, Full Stack Engineer, or Web Developer/Designer for a project please email me and I will get in touch.

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