I'm a software developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. I enjoy building elegant solutions to challenging problems.

A focus of my career has been web development. I've created projects spanning many waves of web technology, including: web based mobile apps, single-page websites, social networks, corporate websites, and continual pet projects

On mobile I have built social networking apps, multi-device UI & communication, UI toolkits and made significant contributions to intellectual property portfolios.

At BlackBerry I helped pioneer a culture of intrapreneurship, launching many successful products. The forward looking role allowed me to collaborate closely with developers in many different skill sets, from browsers to social networks, as well as graphic and industrial designers. We shipped products that improved the lives of millions of people.

More recently I was engineer #1 at TrustPoint, a security and cryptography startup in Waterloo. I started and built up the engineering processes, launching a new type of Certificate Authority, and the BlackSeal authenticity service and app for physical goods. I also learned a great deal about modern public key cryptography, and real world experience building secure distributed systems from scratch.

I have a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, and make use of it on a daily basis. I am fascinated with macro economics and what it teaches us about the world.

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If your interested in hiring a Mobile Application Developer, Full Stack Engineer, or Web Developer/Designer for a project please email me and I will get in touch.

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