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Subletr is my second generation mapping mashup. It combines the Google Maps API and data from various Universities online Off Campus Housing listings. Work on MapLet has stopped and Subletr will improved going forward.

Latitude Longitude Finder

Finder Logo

'Finder' used to be a small (rather ugly) hack thrown together in a few minutes that I could use to find the geographical co-ordinates of a particular point. Today it is nicely polished and a lot easier to use. You can use it to find the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of a whole route. If there is interest I could add some export features other than the current list style output.

MapLet Student Housing

Maplet Title

MapLet is a versatile online mapping application. One implementation is with the University of New Hampshire where it is used to power their Student Housing database. By categorizing data using a MySQL database, communicating client side with the server using A.J.A.X., and providing an interactive user interface using DHTML the look and feel of a rich application is created, online.

You can view the second generation mapping software at www.subletr.com.

Technical Editor - Google Maps Applications

Google Maps Applications with PHP and AJAX

I had the pleasure of being the Technical Reviewer of Beginning Google Maps Applications with PHP and AJAX during the summer of 2006. This book is incredibly comprehensive, and although I went into the project with a considerable amount of knowledge and experience with the API, the authors took it to a whole new level.

If you are interested in online mapping you will not be dissapointed.